Sandro Jaeger is a director based in Berlin. His videos are driven by strong storytelling and powerful cinematography. The focus is on people and the stories they have to tell. His approach is to understand these stories and tell them from a different angle, capturing emotional moments with a diverse dramaturgy. Sandro loves to play with combinations of clear storytelling and abstract elements. This often involves attention to detail. Besides the trust people give him when they let him look behind the facade, Sandro also enjoys giving free rein to his thoughts and inventing stories, developing concepts and implementing ideas together. That's why his portfolio includes a wide variety of videos, from commercials, documentaries to music videos.

His career began in 2005 with his father's old camcorder in the mountains of Austria. After producing videos in the action sport sector for several years,he found his passion in directing while studying Information Design in Graz. That's why he moved to Berlin in 2017, where he has been working as a director ever since.


Sandro Jäger
+49 173 673 44 25

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